Turn-key Electrical Construction


Managing High Manpower Projects

GSL has been very successful in managing projects with extreme manpower requirements. We have managed a work force of nearly 500 craftsmen.

Cost Control

GSL has developed a unique and effective management system we refer to as the Vision, Commitment, and Accountability (VCA) Management System. VCA is an internal system that GSL designed to track and report the quality and timeliness of communication and activities on every project and include cost control activities. GSL’s VCA system provides real time reporting for all estimated, actual, and projected job costs including: man-hours, wage rates, materials, sub-contractors, general expenses, equipment and profit. By implementing our proprietary software program, we can track the installation rates of each type of material from each employee for every phase and area of the project.

Why GSL?

In the up and down world of construction, GSL Electric has proven over the years to be resilient and successful. GSL’s highest priority is to perform well for our customers. With more than a billion dollars’ worth of completed electrical work and millions more in current backlog, is financially strong and equipped to handle all of your electrical construction needs. Consistent performance allows GSL Electric, our employees, our suppliers, our subcontractors, and our customers to continue building a successful future together. We will always be there for you.